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The London Borough of Ealing is situated in West London and includes several very busy 'A' roads and motorways. It has a wide variety of residential settings and is well served by public transport.

The first of what is likely to be a number of carfree and low car developments is taking shape at 90-94 Broadway, the Iconica project, being developed by Barratt West London near Ealing Broadway station, will feature a car club (from WhizzGo)for residents who move into its one and two-bedroom apartments.

There are only about 30 parking spaces, at a cost of £10,000 each, being made available for residents of the 131 apartments, 6 spaces are being reserved for
WhizzGo carclub cars.
artists impression of the
Iconica development.

Another significant carfree housing development is being built by Dominion Group on the site of a former cinema. In a £5.2m development the affordable housing scheme will include 34 flats.

The new building will also be home to many local voluntary and community groups including the Ealing Community Resource Centre. Most importantly the development will be car-free with two pool cars for residents’ use.

Recently another carfree development in Ealing has been completed by Bush Homes, the Central West Development, served by an on site car club from City Car Club.

This comprises 69 affordable homes (shared ownership and rented)- mostly 1 & 2 bedroom with 8 three bedroom family homes. There are 7 parking spaces - 2 for the car club and 5 for disabled.

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