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The London Borough of Islington is one of the most economically and socially dynamic parts of London. As a result, it also experiences some of toughest transport challenges.

Islington's carfree housing policy plays an important role in tackling some of these transport challenges. The policy aims to change the emphasis away from cars and encourage movement by more sustainable means.

Islington has a number of interesting carfree developments, some just recently built.The former Angel School on Ritchie Street N1 is being re-developed as 50 apartments and 4 townhouses all with a carfree status.

The redevelopment of the site at 25-29 Islington Green includes a Tescos Metro and 13 residential units. The development qualified for car-free housing hence no car parking spaces have been provided for either the residential units or the ground floor retail space. The site has excellent public transport links and is close to local shopping amenities.

Along Liverpool Road the site at 555 is being re-developed as 14 residential apartments and 5500 sqft of commercial space, again all carfree. The area is well served by public transport.

Behind a small gated entrance on Holloway Road, Empire Square, a former industrial yard, has been re-developed as a carfree residential block. Formerly there was vehicular access from Holloway Road, this has been removed as part of the carfree process.

Islington encourages carfree housing in locations that are:
  • located in a Controlled Parking Zone; within walking distance of 800m to an underground or train station or 400m of a major bus route providing a 7 day service, including evenings, with a minimum week day frequency of 8 buses / trains per hour;
  • within 400 metres of a UDP protected shopping centre.
Residents of car-free developments are not eligible for controlled parking zone permits. 
Islington also implement a range of other sustainable transport initiatives through the development control process.

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