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What is a “carfree development”?

Carfree development’s are those that do not have facilities for the parking of motor vehicles. In the case of residential developments that are in a controlled parking zone, this usually involves preventing the residents from obtaining on-street parking permits, in addition to no off-street parking being provided (apart from disabled bays).

Carfree developments often have a car club attached to them as a community facility. For further information on car clubs, and their role within carfree developments see the carplus website:

What is a “low car development”?

These are occasionally mentioned in conjunction with carfree developments. “Low car developments” are those that have a restricted parking supply, both on- and off-street.

How will I travel without a car?

Carfree developments are designed on a case by case basis to ensure that residents have access to a range of transport modes, including the underground, trains, buses, as well as high quality walking and cycling facilities.