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For the first time, there is a real prospect that we in Britain might start to enjoy this choice which is currently denied to us.  The Ecotowns programme will mean ten small to medium sized new towns in different parts of the country, with a range of environmental objectives.   The guidelines are likely to mention carfree areas.  But property developers are notoriously conservative.  Many of them don’t believe that British people would buy or rent homes that aren’t surrounded by traffic and parking.  Can you help us to show that they are wrong?

Sign up to
a petition for the proposed new Ecotowns to be car free.

Carfree UK
’s second annual general meeting
was held at the headquarters of Campaign for Better Transport.

click here to read the minutes

This year's C
amden Green Fair was well attended and included stalls from two of the car clubs - WhizzGo and Zipcar. Both had cars on display and seemed to have a steady stream of visitors, Zipcar also featured an interesting wheel of fortune!

real info on carfree developments this time - we will have a stall next year to put this right!

From one of our international visitors comes information about Discovery Bay in Hong Kong, arguably the World's biggest carfree development. This private housing development currently has about 15,000 residents (expected to rise to 25,000) and construction started in the 1980's. It also has a very low crime rate, something many of the residents say is partly a consequence of its carfree status. Considered to be one of the best parts of Hong Kong to live for families.

The Transport Planning Society (TPS) have a range of information and work opportunities that may be of some interest to Transport Planners.

ACT - The Association of Commuter Transport ( have a range of information services including an on-going debate about many aspects of travel and transport.

Another organisation some of you may find useful - the RTPI/TPS Transport Planning Network. The Network has been set up as a joint initiative by the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Transport Planning Society to provide a clear and effective voice for all their members with an interest in transport planning issues. The Network disseminates knowledge and promotes good practice through the interaction of its members, and seeks to influence key decision-makers.

good going - this campaign aims to help persuade people to change the way they travel. We've signed up not least because of the bonuses being offered by some of the car club companies - go to for more details

Car Club Video now on the London Car Clubs site

Fuel Cell vehicles are out and about on the Capital's roads, starting with buses on two routes - 25 and RV1. Click here to download some information (pdf file)

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is encouraging both car clubs and carfree developments in the Capital, we hope to bring you details of any provision in Local Implementation Plans and other travel guidance soon.

The Department for Communities and Local Government issued the CONSULTATION PAPER ON NEW PLANNING POLICY STATEMENT 3 (PPS3): HOUSING in December last year - which contains interesting proposals but no mention of carfree or low car housing. They have called for feedback and observations and hopefully the next draft will include these areas.

The University of Loughborough has launched a new MSc - Sustainable Transport and Travel Planning in partnership with Transport for London (TfL). This is set up to enable part-time attendance for those currently working in travel planning or related areas.